How international visitors do contribute to management processes of Perhentian Island Marine Park Malaysia?

Document Type: Research Paper




The current paper seeks to estimate the value of management attributes in Perhentian
Island Marine Park (PIMP). In order to collect the data, Choice Modelling (CM)
questionnaires were used. After some checking with the related software and based on the
literature and previous studies and suggestions, an experimental design was developed.
Four ecological attributes and four relevant management processes for PIMP were
selected. The results indicated that the respondents are concerned about conservational
and relevant management process attributes. In the basic model, the main attributes were
divided into two parts. The coefficients had prior expected signs, and they were
statistically significant at 1% level. The findings can be utilized by Department of Marine
Park Malaysia (DMPM). Based on the concept of ecotourism, local population benefits
and marine resources maintenance are important besides fulfilling the satisfaction of


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